Becoming A Member

Interested in taking that first step toward living a chaste and more fulfilling life with Christ? Learn how you can become involved in the support of Courage.

Who Can Join?

Courage of Philadelphia is open to Catholic men or women, age 18 and older, who struggle with same-sex attractions, desire support and healing, and are looking to live a chaste life in Jesus Christ.

Benefits of Joining

Men and women involved in our Courage chapter share many rewarding benefits:

  • greater understanding of SSA and homosexuality
  • ability to meet others and share in the struggle
  • ability to be heard and understood
  • access to an abundance of resources
  • emotional support
  • spiritual support
  • fellowship
  • the love and mercy of Our Lord, Jesus Christ

How Can You Join?

Joining our Courage chapter is just one phone call or e-mail away. All correspondence to us is directed to the chapter Coordinator and kept in strict confidentiality.

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